Southeastern Travel Academy – ABANDONED – Kissimmee, FL (2/26/10)

Posted in Uncategorized  by Jay McGrath

Cody and The Woo sneaking around the old abandoned Southeastern Travel Academy in Kissimmee, FL. Well hidden off the corner of the florida turnpike/hwy 192 ext in kissimmee, FL. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ! I will constantly be posting new videos of my adventures around the state of florida and beyond…..old abandoned places, tourist traps, roadside oddities, etc

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25 Responses to “Southeastern Travel Academy – ABANDONED – Kissimmee, FL (2/26/10)”

  1. mikedwilly Says:

    I say, “Wow” also. I took the famous Southeastern Acadamy classes there in 1980. Like someone already posted, “Wonder what happened to all that money the students paid”???

  2. mikedwilly Says:

    Did you guys find my transcripts?

  3. nagaempress Says:

    What happened to the fronts of the buildings?

  4. stanley2710 Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I went by there a couple of years ago but only got a couple of still shots over the fence.

  5. barisaxgirl22 Says:

    Really cool stuff you have here. Also, I’m enjoying the commentary. :D “I ordered my food an hour ago. Waitress!”

  6. 0909beachbabe Says:

    wow WOW wow – i graduated from SEA in 1989 – so many great memories at SEA – I can’t believe the school looks like this now – it was once so beautiful and full of life!! i actually went to Kissimmee a couple of years ago and drove by where i thought SEA was and there was nothing there except a new subdivision of houses but i guess i was at the wrong place!! WOW – thanks so much for posting the video!!!

  7. shallowsouthernman Says:

    @AdrianShea1 Did the school help you with a career in aviation?

  8. jaimeannmurphy Says:

    i cant not belive this…..i knew it went bankrupted but OMG! i graduated feb 2000 i think i was one of the last classes, lol i cant believe they let that go like that, and yea, i never got my “diploma” it was there waiting for me to come get it, LOL guess i’ll never get it.

  9. curtdawg1980 Says:

    wow.. I graduated from there in October, 1999, and I know it shut down sometime in 2001. I can’t believe it looks like this! The school itself sucked, but I met so many great people that are still good friends to this day, had a great time, and I still work in travel to this day, 11 years later. It was definitely a party school, but looks like that party died long ago!

  10. vickybomb Says:

    That’s really cool. How do you find these places??

  11. MrKeiffer007 Says:

    This property was an older hotel. I am sure that with three people in a smaller than average hotel room all the time put it in disrepair. Also, the cost to upkeep a school, pay the teachers, materials, etc. The restaurant, pool maintenance etc. The property just got too old and run down. I too attended the Academy in 1984.. Back then, it was happing and got a job with an airline and worked with them for 8 years. Also, have worked in hotel management! Its a shame but it had to happen

  12. VSPMAN Says:

    I as well went to SE in 1984, and the training and experience was something that launched my career in the airline business. I went in the summer of 1984, and my memories are phenominal, and as I watch this, I feel as if something has been ripped away from me, and I am saddened to see it now, and how I want to always remember it. Good bye ole friend..I am sorry that it ended this way for you…

  13. Montoya42Fan Says:

    The area around 192 in Kissimmee just sucks now, it was better back then.

  14. avalontvgirl Says:

    Is it just me or did all this stuff close around 2000???..kinda weird? What was the unifying catalyst ???

  15. Deekny67 Says:

    OMG, I went there late 1985, early 1986…this was weird but cool to watch. Since then, I’ve worked in the travel & tourism business all my life. Thanks for posting.

  16. lordbroden Says:

    I also went Southeastern Academy in the summer of 1984…Sad to watch ):

  17. feeef14 Says:

    Thanks for posting. I graduated in June ‘85. Had a blast. Was wondering what ever happened to it.

  18. HawFamily Says:

    I graduated in 1986…this is so sad….what the heck happened, How does it get like that?????????????? It was a great school and I met alot of great people. RIP Southeastern Academy.

  19. tireman826 Says:

    Wow, I graduated there in something like 1991 or 1992. I even saw my room in this video. I looked at my old pictures to compare. Amazing how the area declined.

  20. tireman826 Says:

    Wow, I graduated there in something like 1991 or 1992. I even saw my room in this video. I looked at my old pictures to compare. Amazing how the area declined. Looks like it closed in 2005. You can see a calendar in one of the video shots.

  21. dukeofdoug Says:

    Excellent video. On a side note, people wonder how places get like this. Two words: teenage boys. They tear these places up with such vicious abandon, they don’t rest until every window is smashed, every wall is punched through, every piece of furniture is mangled, and every other item is ripped or thrown around multiple times. And then they mark their visit with vulgar or racist graffiti. They remind me of the gorilla in that old luggage commercial. Complete animals.

  22. Orlandorob1 Says:


  23. mfischer99 Says:

    WOW! I was there in 1986! What a beautiful place it was! Very sad!

  24. mfischer99 Says:

    WOW! I was there in 1986! What a beautiful place it was! Very sad!
    Hey if anyone has any book left please let me know

    I’m back in college and trying to get some credits transferred and in need of Course Descriptions & Syllabus’s

    thank you!

  25. zanzi423 Says:

    i went out there a couple of times and mannn is it worse than that video lol
    and at night pwew its creeeeeppy me and my friends carry weapons

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